Complete a hygiene appointment and receive a FREE premium LED teeth whitening kit.

There’s always a good reason to smile. That’s why InStyle is giving away free smartphone-powered teeth whitening kits to new and existing patients after their first hygiene appointment.

It’s time to flex your summer smile.
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With advanced optical technology combined with a special formula of whitening gel, this portable and easy to use product can remove almost any kind of stain, such as from coffee, tea, juice, tobacco or red wine. ]

The LED light enhances the whitening gel process by helping break down stains on the tooth surface and accelerating the process of whitening teeth.

What’s included in the kit?

Each teeth whitening kit includes:

  • A premium LED mouth appliance
  • USB, iPhone, and Android compatible cables to plug into your phone
  • A micro USB to type-C adaptor
  • Three whitening gel syringes
  • A user manual with application instructions
  • A shade guide to gauge your teeth whitening progress

How does it work?

Use the kit to whiten your teeth once per day for 16 minutes for 7 days.

See up to a 6 shade difference in your smile!

Use the shade guide included in your whitening kit to compare the colour of your teeth when you first start to whiten them and when you finish to see what a difference you can make in your smile.

Are there any restrictions on who can use the kit?

The kits are not suitable for ceramic or false teeth, not suitable for teeth discolouration caused by lesion or medicine, not suitable for discolouration from tetracycline or decayed teeth, not suitable for defective enamel, exposed dentin and damaged teeth. Do not use if you are pregnant. Not intended for children under 16.

What if I run out of whitening gel for my teeth whitening kit?

Don’t worry, we have you covered.

After getting your teeth whitening system, you’ll receive free whitening gel pens at each future appointment to maintain your whiter, brighter smile!

A brighter, whiter smile is one click away.

Hurry, we’re only offering free teeth whitening kits while supplies last.